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Our Story

Who We Are

Who We Are

Grazy crafts elevated gift experiences that thoughtfully combine food, fun, and well being. We bring a new perspective to gifting by intentionally curating signature collections and products inspired by our community’s interests, values, and lifestyle.


Grazy gifts feature carefully-sourced items from small-batch and diverse makers who prioritize quality, creativity, and sustainability. We care deeply about each item, where it comes from, and how it is made.


Our purpose is simple... we empower people everywhere to build and strengthen
relationships through the power of gifting. Our commitment to Spread Joy shines through our innovative products, exceptional customer service, and how we care for our team.

What We Believe

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We carefully curated our gifts from makers who are just as focused on our planet as we are, because sustainability is at the heart of our mission.


While giving a Grazy gift is always a sweet surprise, there are no unsavory surprises about our gifts or where they come from.


Whether you’re treating yourself to a Grazy gift or giving it to others, everything we do is grounded in community. Our partnerships with small-batch makers allow communities both near and far to flourish.

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A commitment to hospitality runs through all aspects of Grazy. We thoughtfully curate and assemble our boxes so that when you open one, it brings a bit of hospitality and joy to you, too.

Where We Source